Permission to Love


I’m one of those people who gets along with everyone, even the ones who have in some form or fashion hurt me in the past.  By getting along, I simply mean that I hold no grudges against anyone. Now, I’m not saying that I invite these people over for dinner, but I am saying if I were to see them in a public place and they were to tell me “Hi” for instance,  I would say, “Hi” back.  You see I have given myself permission to love.  Sometimes when a person has been hurt, they harbor resentment towards the person who hurt them, but that is the wrong thing to do.  Instead you should pray for that person.  It is in doing this, that you bring God great joy.  You see God has allowed you to live this life.  If He has allowed you to be alive, then you should celebrate each day.  Don’t waste your time on negative people or negative thoughts because that creates negative energy.  Spend time with positive people and positive thoughts so you will create positive energy.  When I give myself permission to love, I love all aspects of my life, not just the people in it. Give yourself permission to love the better side of you, not the bitter side.  Give yourself permission to love your healthy body, not an unhealthy one. Give yourself permission to love your job, your home, and your car. There are many who are not as fortunate as you are.  When you give yourself permission to love all of the blessings God has bestowed upon you, remember to show gratitude for each of them.  In doing so, you will receive more to be thankful for.  So today, permit yourself to love everything about you!


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