Ahh!  This picture!  I had my niece take this picture of me as I was on my way out of the door to attend the teacher awards.  The event was starting at 7:00 and it was already 6:30.  I was a little behind schedule because my plan was to be there at 6:30.  Since I knew that the event would probably last past my usual bedtime, I decided I would take preventive measures.  Before I left the house, I grabbed a Fanta strawberry soda out of the refrigerator.  I only drink this when I want to stay up.  Fanta strawberry to me is like an energy drink for half the price.  I stuffed the soda in my purse as I walked to the car.  I was planning on drinking it on my way.  As I drove off, I reflected on how good it felt to be nominated by someone in the community.   I also knew three of the finalists, two of them had worked with me previously and one is presently my granddaughter’s teacher.   Things were going great.  As I was slowly approaching the stop sign near my house I decided to take the Fanta out of my purse to start drinking.  As I unscrewed the top, I heard this fizzing sound and knew immediately what was happening.  I quickly tried to move it out of the way, but it was too late.  Red strawberry soda had just dripped on my dress, making a huge water stain.  I held the bottle away from me so the liquid could drip into the cup holders.  By now I had made it to the stop sign.   I looked down at my dress and the stain.   I looked at my car and the red liquid now dotted on my leather seats and beige carpet.  Then, without any hesitation,  I laughed.  I mean I really laughed out loud. This was funny.  Here I was, on my way to an important event, and I now looked like I had just had a restroom accident.  What was interesting was that if this had happened years ago, I would have screamed and yelled expletives at myself for doing such a thing.  I now realized that it was the very thing I needed to slow me down and really take in the moment.  I calmly turned around, went home, got a wet towel (there were too many layers under that dress to change), wiped the spot, then blow dried the dress while it was still on my body.  It took about 3 minutes and I was out the door again.  This time, I took my time.  My date and I arrived at the event in time to see a few of the finalists walk the red carpet.  For those of you who were at the event and thought you smelled an usual fragrance similar to Fanta strawberry, that was me.  I’m just that sweet!


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