Three Words


I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show this week and I heard these three words and I must say that upon hearing them, I was truly inspired.  He said very emphatically that “Discipline determines destiny.”   He explained that although you may have education, good looks, a great personality or a whole repertoire of great qualities, the one thing that will get you to where you need to be is discipline.  I thought about what he said and this is my interpretation of what he was trying to tell me.  You have to work hard and be determined to achieve.  You have to be disciplined to further your education or skills base.  You may have to stay up late nights and get up early in the morning, but it will be worth it.  You have to be disciplined to go to work every day and work to your best ability even though you may not be working your dream job.  This position is preparing you for your higher position or to be your own boss.  You have to be disciplined to be healthy, especially living in the south.  You may not be able to indulge in all of the fine dining all of the time if you want to be fit.  Discipline will definitely determine your destiny.  Be disciplined in all you do and you will reach your destiny.  These three words are for you.  Take heed.  “Discipline determines destiny.”


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