Comfortable in Silence


Planes, trains, automobiles, television, radio, cell phones…There is so much noise all around us everyday that it is sometimes hard just to think.  I have learned to be comfortable in silence.  One of my favorite times is when I go to the beach with my “beach buddies” as we affectionately call ourselves.  We will leave early in the morning to go and sit near the water.  Very often we sit without necessarily having long conversations. We just sit and behold the beauty of the ocean.  We don’t say a lot.  We sit.  We are comfortable in the silence.  Many people think you have to be talking to be heard, but most of the time it is in active listening that we get the most out of the conversation.  “Be still and know that I am God” is the scripture that comes to mind.  How are you going to hear anything if you’re not listening? Be comfortable in silence.  Spend quiet time every day.  I find that mornings work best for me.  Read scripture, listen to soft instrumental music, turn off the television and silence that cell phone.  Be comfortable with the silence for it is in solitude that you get clarity for your life. How else will you be able to hear the still, small voice?  Learn to be comfortable in silence.


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