Writer’s Block


I had been having writer’s block.  For those of you who are writers, you know that this is a serious issue.  I had all these ideas in my head, yet couldn’t seem to put all the ideas together into one story.  I even went to the store and purchased three journals.  I was going back to the basics.  It worked.  The past few days, I have been writing in my journals (I keep one in the car, and one on both sides of the bed) and it motivated me to begin blogging again.  Even if I have little or nothing to say, it is worth just sitting down and getting the thoughts out of my head and on to the paper.  My issue is that I want my stories to be special, to inspire, motivate, and call others to action. I found that my being inactive was less than motivating and inspiring.  When I write, I feel a special sense of purpose, of knowing I am doing exactly what I was meant to do.   What I have learned is that the writer’s block was actually a block to my blessing.  I was missing out on the thrill of finishing a story, the joy of having fulfilled a purpose, the hope that I have motivated and inspired.  My plan is when I do get a tinge of writer’s block to simply write, whether it is a title, a short story or an idea for a future book and that will most definitely cure the block.


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