Jesus Wept


One of the shortest, yet most powerful verses in the Bible is “Jesus wept.”  This sentence with only two words gives Jesus the human component.  Jesus is weeping because He has lost one of His dearest friends.  He has no doubt had deep conversations with His friend, shared meals, maybe even traveled and prayed with this friend.  Yet, in this profound moment when He sees the family members and others expressing their grief, He begins to weep.  He forgets that He has all power within Him to raise Him from the dead.  For that brief moment, He is not thinking about that.  He is in grief along with the rest of the family.  I have felt like that at times.  I have lost many family and friends and although I know that one day we shall meet again, when I see the other family members in pain I feel their hurt.  I share the experience with them.  I pray for their strength constantly.  There have been other losses along the way as well and at those times the human characteristic of pain and grief has overtaken me and I have had to weep.  Sometimes it was for my own situation, but many times it has been because of the experiences others are going through. I have deep empathy for those who are or who have suffered tragic losses.  I may be smiling on the outside, but sometimes behind closed doors away from the crowd, I too, like Jesus, have wept.


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