Life Changes


These past few months have been life changing.  I have gone through many changes both personally and professionally.  I must say that each of the changes has been for my own good. Personally, I have had to dig deep within myself and find the things that truly matter.  I was retaught the lesson again that the things that truly matter are priceless.  There are things in life that no material thing can replace, those being the love of God, family and friends. What truly matters are matters of the heart.  Professionally, I have had a change of location on my job.  While I was apprehensive at first, it has truly turned out to be a blessing.  I am gaining new knowledge and understanding in my career and can see room for advancement. I am ever grateful for the changes that have taken place in my life.  I know that the only constant is change and when you embrace those changes, life becomes that much easier.


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