In these days of instant gratification, sacrifice is a word that makes some people cringe.  When I think of sacrifice, the word “wait” comes to mind.  When you sacrifice you usually have to wait for something.  For example, when you sacrifice to lose weight, you don’t see results immediately. I have tried checking the scale the next day, thinking with the amount of sweating I did at that workout I must have lost at least a pound. To my dismay,  but not really to my surprise, the scale was the same as the day before.  I had to wait for the results.  It was a process. When you sacrifice to save money, the bank account doesn’t automatically grow.  You have to consistently make deposits.  This will be a process as well.  I have made many sacrifices in life, for my family, education and health and fitness. However,  my biggest sacrifice has been for my purpose.  It is the one thing that keeps me challenged.  I cringe sometimes when I think of how big my purpose is.  I have found that taking the big dream and cutting it into bite sized-pieces works.  That is a sacrifice because I like having the end result right away, the instant gratification.  I have learned that anything truly worth having is worth waiting for. That is sacrifice.


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