The Season

Yesterday began the Lenten season.  It is a season known in the Catholic and many other communities.  It is a time of reflection on the sacrifice of Jesus and for many a time to make personal sacrifices.  Many people choose to abstain (fast) from certain things so that they may devote more time to prayer. A few years ago, I decided that instead of abstaining, I would develop a new habit during the Lenten season that would hopefully become a yearlong habit.  In years past, I have developed the habit of exercising, reading more, and praying more.  This year, I am developing the habit of serving my purpose more.  On the top of the list is to write more. I am developing the habit of writing more often. I won’t say that I will do this everyday because in setting goals you want to make them realistic.  I will say that I will write more in the next 40 days of the Lenten season than I have in the last 40 days prior to the Lenten season.  I did the same thing when I decided to develop the habit of exercising, reading and praying more.  By doing so, the goals were accomplished.  I believe that if more people would develop new good habits in place of the things they are abstaining from, the Lenten season would have more meaning.  This Lenten season, develop a new habit to replace the one you are abstaining from.  You will find that this season and the many others that will follow will be better.


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