What is beauty?  Is beauty the pictures you see on the magazine covers or is beauty within? I believe that beauty is within.  The beauty that you have on the inside will show up on the outside.  What happens however is we see these images of people on the outside or inside of a magazine cover and think that it’s beauty.  In all actuality that beauty has been tainted.   What I mean is in order to sell the magazine cover, the pictures have to be flawless.  The beauty that you see on the picture may be so made-up and photo shopped that you don’t get to see the real authentic beauty of that person.  We only see what is presented to us on the magazine.  We must find beauty within ourselves first of all.  Only then will we be able to see the beauty in others.  When you look at that magazine, you may even say that the person is beautiful, while at the same time say the food is beautiful or the writing font is beautiful.  You will start to see everything as beautiful simply because you have learned to see beauty within yourself.  My definition of beauty is you.


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