There are many things in life that you have accomplished,  Have you learned to celebrate those accomplishments? I can remember a few years ago when I obtained my Masters Degree.  I didn’t wait for someone else to throw me a party.   I threw myself a party.  It was a star studded event complete with Oscar statues, red carpet and formal attire.  Everyone had a blast!  You see, sometimes we wait for others to celebrate us and while that may happen some of the time, it may not happen all of the time.  Celebrations don’t have to be a star studded event.  It could be treating yourself to a cup of coffee, a movie, or just a bubble bath with candles.  Anything that will put you in a mood that makes you feel good about something you have accomplished.  You may not have accomplished an advanced degree, but you may have gotten a new job, succeeded in going to work all week without going off on someone (just kidding), or maybe you got a new pair of shoes.  My current celebration is lasting the rest of this year!  Yes, the rest of this year.  All of my children have succeeded in getting college degrees and are productive citizens.  I am taking the rest of the year to celebrate.  Hey, there are no rules to how long your celebration party should last!

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